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The Best Cleaning Products For Your Home

From probiotic-powered sprays to smart vacuums that clean up liquid messes, this list has everything you need to keep your home sparkling clean.

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

In our humble opinion, the best cleaning products for your home are about so much more than just sanitization. If that were the case, you could just dilute some bleach, put it in a spray bottle, and go to town on every room in the house. Yes, cleaning is about minimizing germs, spills, dust, and clutter — but it's also about ensuring your space stays healthy and pleasant. 

When choosing the best cleaning solutions, you want to protect your pets and keep your children safe. This usually means opting for non-toxic ingredients that get the job done, but do so without causing harm to your skin, nose, and family. There has also been a recent push for green cleaning, in which people use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and biodegradable formulas. This ensures you're doing your part to protect the environment, though eco-friendly options are often also more affordable and typically support companies that give back

That said, the best home cleaning products on the market aren't just about safety and sustainability— they're also about practicality and convenience. Why spend all of Saturday cleaning your home when you could get everything done in just a few hours? Imagine if you could use the same spray on every single surface, clean with the palms of your hands, or control your robotic vacuum cleaner while sitting on the couch. What if you could guarantee that your phone's touch-screen remained free of germs, or if you could easily remove the pesticides from your produce?

While these hypothetical situations might seem a little too good to be true, they're not — you just need to know where to look for fresh, brilliant cleaning supplies.

Intrigued? We don't blame you. Here are some of the best cleaning tools and formulas so you can tidy up smarter, safer, and more sustainably.

1. A Probiotic-Powered Cleanser That Fights Germs With Friendly Bacteria

It might seem counter-intuitive to fight bacteria with bacteria, but probiotic cleaners introduce friendly germs that keep harmful ones in check. Aunt Fannie's Microcosmic probiotic cleaner can be used on a huge range of surfaces, including counters, floors, tiles, and appliances. Since it protects the microbiome, it's safe for kids and pets — and it's available in your choice of four refreshing scents.

Microcosmic Probiotic-Powered Multi-Surface Cleaner, $9, Aunt Fannie's

2. This Gorgeous Brush For Scrubbing Your Veggies Clean 

Scrub away those germs, waxes, and pesticides with the Full Circle veggie brush. Since it's made with a round bamboo handle and recycled plastic bristles, it's pretty, functional, and eco-friendly at the same time. Currently, it has a five-star rating on Anthropologie: "Love the quality and the feel of this product," one reviewer wrote. "It does its job well and looks great doing it!"

Full Circle Veggie Brush, $5, The Container Store

3. Some Eco-Friendly Scrubbers Made From Plant-Based Materials

Twist is dedicated to a cleaner world — naturally — and its scrub sponges are no exception. Each pack comes with six plant-based scrubbers. They're dye-free and free from plastics and toxic adhesives, but they still pack a serious punch when it comes to cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor space. 

Twist Scrub Sponges, $7, Amazon

4. This Concentrated Cleaner That's Powerful But Biodegradable

If you're looking for a biodegradable formula that won't irritate your skin or the environment but can cut grease and tackle dirt, look no further than Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds. This 16-ounce bottle is concentrated enough to clean just about anything (including dishes, laundry, cars, furniture, and fixtures), and it has an uplifting fir-spruce scent that comes from natural essential oils. 

Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds, $15, The Vitamin Shoppe

5. A Phone Sanitizer That Zaps Away 99.9% Of Germs

Your phone is likely loaded with germs — and it makes contact with your face on a daily basis. Luckily, the HoMedics phone sanitizer aims to zap away 99.9 percent of those germs in just a few minutes. It uses UV exposure to remove bacteria and viruses, and it's fully rechargeable so you don't have to worry about batteries. 

HoMedics UV Phone Sanitizer, $80, Urban Outfitters

6. Everything You Need To Start Cleaning Naturally 

This starter kit comes with everything you need to begin your natural cleaning routine. The Mosiac bundle includes an all-purpose cleaner, liquid dish soap, and liquid hand soap — all in reusable, dishwasher-safe, shatter-resistant bottles with color-coded non-slip grips. You also get a free silicone funnel for refills, a natural bar of soap, and three wool dryer balls, plus shipping is included. 

Mosaic Starter Kit Bundle, $45, Clean Cult

7. This Smart Vacuum That Cleans Up Liquid Messes, Too

Save time by combining your chores, all thanks to one brilliant machine. The Floor One S3 detects, vacuums, cleanses, and dries at the same time — and then it cleans itself with a multi-stage system. The smart sensor can tell what kind of mess you're cleaning up so it can suck up dry foods and liquids before washing the floor with continuously fresh water. It's also lightweight, cordless, and talks to you with a helpful voice assistant. 

Floor One S3, $400, Amazon

8. An All-Purpose Cleaner For Sensitive Noses

Get your home sparkling clean without harmful, toxic ingredients. YOPE cleaner spray works on just about any surface in the kitchen or bathroom and leaves behind a refreshing green tea scent that won't irritate sensitive noses. "This one doesn’t do anything to my skin nor make my respiratory system flare," one reviewer wrote. 

YOPE Natural Universal Cleaner Spray, $12, Anthropologie

9. These Silicone Gloves With Built-In Scrubbers 

With these silicone gloves from anzoee, you can cut out the middleman and scrub dishes, cars, and surfaces directly. Since the durable, scratch-resistant bristles are right in the palm of your hand, you can protect your skin against dirt, moisture, and drying soaps without losing any dexterity. These BPA-free gloves are available in three different colors and one size fits most. 

anzoee Silicone Scrubbing Gloves, $12, Amazon

10. Save Energy, Speed Up Drying Time, & Reduce Wrinkles

Looking for a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets? Public Goods delivers with its dryer balls, made from 100 percent New Zealand wool. Toss one in with your laundry and it'll break up clothing to facilitate more thorough drying, speed up the cycle time to save energy, and reduce static and wrinkles in your clothes. It does all of this without unnecessary chemicals or additives. 

Wool Dryer Balls, $7, Parachute

11. A Duster Made From Dense Goat Hair 

Since it's made from dense, genuine goat hair rather than synthetic strands or feathers, this duster wand from The Laundress effectively grabs up dust particles and allergens — without scratching your valuables. Thanks to its long wooden handle, it offers optimal control while you're cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.

 Goat Hair Duster Wand, $60, The Laundress

12. This Robotic Vacuum That Does It All — Including Real-Time Video Surveillance 

This robotic smart vacuum from LG is unlike any other, for multiple reasons: First, it gives you full control from your smartphone using its wi-fi capabilities. Second, it works with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice-activated cleaning. Third, it gives you access to real-time videos of your home with built-in cameras. Finally, it picks up debris while making minimal noise, and it tracks its work in a cleaning diary on the app. 

LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ Robotic Smart Vacuum, $1000, Amazon

13. Buy These Glass Bottles Once And Get Refills For Life

This cleaning solution got its start on Shark Tank, and since then, it's been racking up five-star reviews left and right. The Clean Up Kit includes three acrylic spray bottles. Each is labeled for its distinct use (a bathroom cleaner, an all-surface spray, and a mirror and class cleaner), so you can drop in the appropriate tablets, fill them up with water, and get to it. The formulas are safe to use around kids and pets since they're free from parabens and phthalates — buy the bottles once and you get $2 refills for life.

The Clean Up Kit, $29, Blueland

We hope you found the best cleaning products for your home! So you know, Lonny may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.