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5 Weird Things We Learned About Bella Hadid At Her NYC Home

The star has some funky decor collections.

5 Things We Learned About Bella Hadid From Her NYC Apartment
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Lonny.

Stars have quirks just like us, and Bella Hadid just proved it. In a fun video with W Magazine, the supermodel shows off her NYC apartment and shares quite a few interesting facts about the star. Here's what we learned.

Number 1

Unlike most members of Gen Z, Bella has a landline at her house. However, she will order pizza via Siri.

Number 2

The model plays Jenga with herself every day.

Number 3

Bella has collected tons of rubber duckies since she was 19. She's 20 now. They each have names like Renaldo and Paula.

Number 4

She uses a blow torch to light candles.

Number 5

Never one to conform to the norm, the model likes wearing hats and sunglasses indoors.

See for yourself below!