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Color Palette We Love: Black, Gray, and Yellow

Color Palette We Love: Black, White, and Yellow| Lonny.com
(All photos © Attic Fire)
If only we all could be art directors. That way, there'd be no guesswork involved when it comes to painting and decorating my home: I'd know exactly which color complements those green shagreen trays I spotted at the flea market, or that navy ottoman I'm crazy about for the living room. But I'm just a lowly editor—colors make my brain hurt. However, without warning, I had a brief flash of brilliance—and a quick glimpse of what it would be like to have a keen sense of shade—when I saw Matt Carollo's Chicago apartment in the June issue of Lonny. 

Color Palette We Love: Black, White, and Yellow| Lonny.com
A sophisticated black-and-white color palette in the dining room takes on depth and dimension when paired with gray accents: a console table against the wall, wire dining chairs at the table, a pewter trophy on a diminutive bookcase. But what really brings it all together—and adds a burst of warm energy—are the yellow touches that appear throughout. Urn-shaped table lamps painted a cheery canary help accentuate the noir brushstrokes of the contemporary work behind them. On the round dining table, a bowl of lemons breaks up the monotony of a checkered black-and-white bowl. And elsewhere, brass and gold pick up where the yellow left off. The combination immediately set off bells in the "This works!" part of my brain and inspired me to rethink a stark palette. What about you? What unexpected color palette are you considering in your home?

Color Palette We Love: Black, White, and Yellow| Lonny.com
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