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3 Unexpected Ways to Use Color

3 Unexpected Ways to Use Color
(Photos © Sean Santiago)
Confession: despite my day job here at Lonny, I have to admit that I've always suffered from a bit of chromatophobia (aka the fear of color). Ok, that's not true at all. But I am pretty hesitant to paint any of my walls something other than white. That is, until I saw Lonny Senior Associate Editor Sean Santiago's story on Nana Spears and Daniel de la Nuez's Brooklyn home. Here are three (non-threatening) ways the couple thought outside of the box when it came to color.

1. Look Up
Can't commit to a color on your walls? Consider it on your ceiling. Not only does it add a surprising hint of drama without diminishing the brightness of your space, but it is also out of view more often, so you'd probably never get sick of it. Bonus: since there's virtually nothing bumping into it, your freshly painted ceiling is sure to last longer than your average accent wall.

3 Unexpected Ways to Use Color | Lonny.com
2. Everyone loves an alcove
A colorful boost in a small niche helps draw the eye and create an unanticipated focal point. What's more, you can let the space speak as loudly or as softly as you wish. Here, a vibrant shade of goldenrod gives this room a visual kick that plays off the bright brushstrokes of the bedding; a delicate lilac would have a much more subdued effect.

3 Unexpected Ways to Use Color | Lonny.com
3. Get artsy
A hand-painted mural lends a larger-than-life dose of personality that trumps the effect of individual pieces of framed artwork. For Spears and de la Nuez, it enlivens an otherwise lackluster corner that's being used as a workspace. 
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