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Gorgeous Bathroom Paint Colors You Must See Now

From moody blues to retro pinks, these are the 17 paint colors that designers are using to transform bathrooms.

Photographed by Claudia Uribe.

So you've departed on the exciting journey that is renovating your bathroom — or, at the very least, you're looking to give it a face-lift without having to replace any of the fixtures. Either way, the best paint colors for the bathroom can help you to create your own spa-like oasis right at home. But with thousands of different hues and shades to choose from, narrowing down the right paint color is easier said than done. If you're overwhelmed, we don't blame you. 

First thing's first: How do you choose an interior paint color? If you're starting over from scratch, the sky is the limit — but if you're just giving the room a new coat of paint, Benjamin Moore suggests finding inspiration in the accents and fixtures that are already there. Take a good look at your flooring, vanity, tub, toilet, and hardware. Do the underlying hues pull to warm colors or cool colors? Are you looking to complement them, or contrast them? These are the questions that will help you create a bathroom that's truly transformative

Luckily, this process is simpler than it's ever been, all thanks to the internet. Gone are the days of driving to your local hardware store, picking up dozens of swatches, and trying to visualize the entire room with a two-inch piece of paper. You can now peruse endless colors right from the comfort of your computer chair — and, even better, some free apps can create a virtual image of a new color in your space that way, you know exactly what it looks like without having to break out the rollers.

If you're still not sure where to start, these trendy bathroom paint colors offer a wonderful jumping-off point. Some are interior designers' go-tos and others are sky-rocketing to the top of bestsellers lists — basically, these 17 gorgeous paint colors are sure to inspire the bathroom of your dreams

1. Navy Blue: Benjamin Moore's "Evening Dove"

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

From kitchen cabinets to home exteriors, navy blue is sweeping the interior design world with its moody, modern aesthetic. Evening Dove has gray undertones so it contrasts white fixtures and complements your linens — but it's still a bold statement that decorators love. If you're hesitant to go this dark, consider an accent wall or a half-painted wall, like the one in the bathroom pictured above. 

2. Cool Gray: Home Depot's "Nano White"

Courtesy of Home Depot.

Gray has been a go-to paint color for a few years now, but experts say it's still very "in" — all because it's an easy-to-use hue that goes with neutrals as well as bolds. This bathroom is painted in Nano White, which is a subtle silvery color that matches just about anything. Notice that the accents are predominantly cool while the floor is a warmer reddish-tan, but everything still blends together in the end. 

3. Peachy Orange: Benjamin Moore's "August Morning"

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

The vast majority of colors that are trending right now are inspired by natural elements, and this August Morning hue is no exception. It's energizing and uplifting like the rising sun, and it goes wonderfully with wood, metal, and porcelain. It's also a great way to make small spaces appear larger. 

4. Taupe: Sherwin Williams' "Poised Taupe"

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

Taupe is the enigma of paint colors — it falls somewhere between brown and gray and it can pull in so many different directions depending on its surrounding accents. Sherwin Williams' Poised Taupe looks almost lavender here, as it's contrasted by the hardwood floor and the black tub, picture frames, and windows. Still, it's elegant and stylish without overwhelming the eye. 

5. Black: Dulux's "Domino"

Courtesy of Dulux.

Black walls are about as bold as you can go — but when done correctly, they can work magic in a space. Even though this bathroom has a fully monochromatic color palette, the Domino paint color ensures that it's anything but boring. Thanks to the bright white subway tiles that go a third of the way up the wall, the room is still surprisingly light, sleek, and airy

6. Lavender: Behr's "Fortune"

Courtesy of Behr.

When they hear the words "lavender color scheme," most people picture a little girl's bedroom, but this color can be mature and elevated. Take, for example, the use of Fortune in this bathroom. The gray undertones give it a pensive, contemporary feel, while the mid-century modern accents ensure that it's still on trend. 

7. Clay Brown: Behr's "Caffeine"

Courtesy of Behr.

So many contemporary designers have found inspiration in their cultural roots, which has led to the widespread use of unique colors and bold patterns. This paint color, Caffeine, has a clay-like appearance that goes beautifully with tribal textiles and natural accents. Here, it's painted onto a textured wall, which further emphasizes the earthy, jungle-like aesthetic

8. Turquoise: Benjamin Moore's "Boca Raton Blue"

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore's Boca Raton Blue is anything but safe, and most wouldn't think to put it in a bathroom — but since many tiles have bluish-green undertones, it's surprisingly easy to incorporate into a space. Here, it's contrasted with metal furniture and black trim, so it's modern and industrial instead of elementary.

9. Rich Tan: Behr's "Barista"

Courtesy of Behr.

Barista is a rich tan paint color, and it's here to show everyone that versatile and comfortable can still be stylish. In fact, experts predict that tan will overtake gray in popularity due to the organic feel it lends to a room — and given how seamlessly it blends with the stone, wood, and baskets above, it's a great option for anyone who loves decorating with natural elements

10. Greige: Benjamin Moore's "Tapestry Beige"

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

This one's for the person who can't seem to get away from neutral palettes. The above bathroom takes the versatility of beige and combines it with contemporary gray undertones. The result? Tapestry Beige — an elegant paint color that ties in all the creams, off-whites, tans, and taupes to make them look like they were made for each other. 

11. Pastel Blue: Sherwin Williams' "Atmospheric"

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

A robin's egg, cotton candy, or a clear, cloudless sky — this gorgeous pastel blue, called Atmospheric, elicits so many associations, and pretty much all of them are soothing and happy. Since it makes a room appear bigger and works well alongside wallpaper, it's a popular choice for powder rooms.  Here, it has a more traditional appearance, but when paired with darker colors, it can look modern and daring. 

12. Warm Gray: Benjamin Moore's "Thunder"

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

Does it get any moodier than a paint color called Thunder? This warm gray pulls out the rich tones from wood and makes white fixtures pop, all while remaining moderately easy to incorporate into an existing color scheme. In this bathroom, it's painted over panelling for a modern farmhouse feel

13. Sage Green: Benjamin Moore's "Sagebrush"

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

This coming year, sage green is set to take over the interior design world, so it's no surprise that Sagebrush makes for a beautiful color in your bathroom. It's neutral enough that it goes with any non-natural accents — but this bathroom shows just how well the color brings the outdoors in. It lends itself to marble and stone, picks up the lushness of surrounding greenery, and ties in wood accents with ease. 

14. Millennial Pink: Dulux's "Porcelain Crab"

Courtesy of Dulux.

Millennial pink isn't gone just yet, and if anything proves it, it's this stylish bathroom. When combined with brass accents and a half-wall marble vanity, Porcelain Crab offers an aesthetic that's equal parts retro and sophisticated. Tone it down with darker, warm colors like maroon, or play it up with other pastels.

15. Forest Green: Sherwin Williams' "Cascades"

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

Forest green is popping up everywhere, and for a good reason: It's glamorous and earthy at the same time. It also works especially well as an accent color, since it'll make any lighter-colored details pop. As seen here, juxtaposed Cascades with white window trim, floating shelves, and a hanging mirror — in fact, even though almost everything else in the bathroom is white, the green makes it all feel unique.  

16. Charcoal Gray: Benjamin Moore's "City Shadow"

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore.

By now, you've probably realized that dark colors are in — but for small bathrooms and powder rooms, you don't want to go overboard. Luckily, this tiny bathroom shows how just a little bit of darkness can make a huge impact. City Shadow is only used above the sink, but it still picks up the dark gray grout and helps to ground an otherwise entirely white room. 

17. Off-White: Sherwin Williams' "Alabaster"

Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.

There are countless options when it comes to off-white paint (so much so that they may all start to look the same), but believe it or not, a few degrees in either direction can really impact the look of your bathroom. Alabaster is a warm off-white that's halfway between tan and beige, and as seen here, it looks amazing with wood, tiles, metal, linens — you name it.