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Links We Love: Superyachts, Skull Sculptures, and Perhaps the Cutest Pet Ever

The Royal Love Nest is Ready for Occupancy
Three kitchens, two faux-fur throws, and one $50,000 Persian rug – Curbed

Not Your Mama's Country Chic
We'll miss you as EIC, Sarah Gray Miller – Elements of Style

Creepy and Glamorous at the Same Time
The oddly beguiling "Skull-ptures" series by Norwegian artist Hedi Xant – Trendland

Just Right for a James Bond Villain
Zaha Hadid's jaw-dropping superyacht designs – Wallpaper magazine

High on the Hog
Cute and prickly, just the way we like our pets – Charlotte Hu via Instagram

Pink With Pride
For my mama, and all the brave ladies out there – Refinery29 via Instagram
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