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Links We Love: Model Behavior, Lee Broom At Work, A Seasonal Soup and More!

Our favorite Instagrams | Lonny.com
Summer Lovin'
They eat (on beaches), they drink (on beaches)—they even work out! (On beaches.) It's the Victoria's Secret models vacation diaries–Vogue

Roll Up Your Sleeves
Take a peek inside product and interiors designer Lee Broom's London studio–DesignMilk

Curried Away
We're excited to try out this spicy spin on a seasonal soup favorite–How Sweet It Is

Through The Wire
The print edition of one of our favorite design sites is available for pre-order starting today–This Is Paper

Chasing Pavements
A classic #menswear moment—Converse chucks + dark wash denim + plaid—takes to the streets. Ladies, tell your man to take note!–Daniel Josef via Instagram

On The Floor
No, it's not a J.Lo #selfie—it's cute ceramics on a patternful rug!–Stitch and Hammer via Instagram
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