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Links We Love: Tips For Hibernating, S'mores Pumpkin Pie, Grunge Is The New Grinch, and More!

Links we love | Lonny.com
Hibernating Is For People, Too
Florist Amy Merrick knows how to do winter—a big bowl of soup and "as much Netflix as possible" – Inside Steven Alan

S'mores Pumpkin Pie 
Speaking of hibernating, baking this seems like a good way to while away the day – Love & Olive Oil

Grunge Is The New Grinch
Style.com intoruduces an illustrated shopping guide for the season – Style.com

Sixteen Candles
Well, candles, blankets, pajamas and almond milk, that is—it's an eco-friendly guide to seasonal shopping – The Chalkboard Mag

Buddy System
Two pups on a blanket—does it get any cuter? – Jacinta Moore via Instagram

Single Serving
Because your coffee experience isn't artisanal enough (yet) – Jeremiah Hagler via Instagram
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