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How to Take the Best Photos of Your Home With a Phone

Can't-miss dos and don'ts from Emily Henderson's favorite interiors photographer.

How to Take the Best Photos of Your Home With a Phone
Courtesy Emily Henderson

Stylist and HGTV star Emily Henderson asked her go-to interiors photographer David Tsay for his tips on how regular decor lovers like ourselves can capture magazine-worthy photos of our prized interiors with nothing more than a smartphone. Check out his simple, yet kind of genius, Dos and Don'ts below to make your Instagram into a design destination. 

Do take photos of the room at different angles: whole-room shots while standing in the entrance, straight-on shots of a piece of furniture, and close-up shots of your vignette at a three-fourths angle as if you’re peering right into the collection.

Do turn off all the lights. Different lightbulbs give off different colors and intensity, so it’s best to shoot in natural daylight.

Don’t use your flash. Instead, invest in an inexpensive and lightweight tripod that fits your phone. Most of the time, your exposure will be slow without a flash, so this will help keep the image from blurring. 

Do plug in your earbuds if you have an iPhone. You can use them as a camera shutter so you don’t shake the phone while snapping away. 

Don’t fall back on ready-made filters, which can get boring because everybody uses the same ones.

Do play with the photo settings. Instagram and other photo apps let you easily tackle enhancements that will bring more life to your shot.

Don’t keep them to yourself. Tag your photos with #styled so we can see the results!

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