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3 Stylish Solutions for Kitchen Sink Essentials

3 Ways to Keep Kitchen Sink Essentials Stylishly Within Reach | Lonny.com
(Sarah Storms/Lonny)
Sponges—can't live with them, can't live without them. On the one hand they're completely indispensable tools that help you get dishes spic and span; on the other, they're unsightly eyesores that muck up a perfectly pretty kitchen. What's a design-conscious homemaker to do? Lonny's style editor Sarah Storms found one way to battle the clutter: she stores her sponges in a stainless steel cocktail shaker on the counter, where they're always within reach. The addition of some polish makes for an instantly more appealing display.

And what about dishtowels? I always just throw them on the counter and hope for the best—after all, who wants to go digging for drying cloths in drawers, especially if they're not near the sink. But blogger Daniel Kanter has a better solution: coat hooks. Simply install a couple on the wall and you've got an easy, affordable way to effortlessly manage the chaos in your space without adding time onto your daily routine.

3 Stylish Solutions for Kitchen Sink Essentials | Lonny.com
(Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny)
Even I have a trick up my sleeve when it comes to beautifying a tricky sink area. In my Brooklyn apartment, I've taken to storing dish soap in an olive oil dispenser. It's much more pleasant than the plastic container it arrives in from the grocery store, and the slow pour insures that I use just the right amount. What are your unexpected ways to turn a kitchen sink into a design moment?

3 Stylish Solutions for Kitchen Sink Essentials | Lonny.com
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