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I Tried Not To Buy Any New Home Items For A Month

Confessions of a shopaholic.

I Tried Not To Buy Any New Home Items For A Month
Photographed by Ana Kamin.

When it is your job to look at amazing interiors and search out the coolest new decor on the market, more often than not, a lot of items get added to your credit card bill along the way. It's kind of like the Target beauty aisle effect. If you get in the vicinity of amazing things that you want (but totally don't actually need), they just somehow end up in your shopping cart and you don't know how they got there. Well as a test to improve my impulsive tendencies and also make my bank account a little happier, I committed myself to not buying home items for the entire month of March — and it was so much harder than I expected.

What I was definitely surprised by was how much I'm drawn to a sale. There were at least three times where I saw an item that I wasn't necessarily obsessed with marked down to a slightly more reasonable price and my first thought was, "Oh my god I need this." But then I reminded myself of this goal and realized how ridiculous I was being.

I think what this project — which I'm happy to say I was successful at — really made me recognize about myself is how easily swayed I am to indulge myself with a purchase. I'm not at a shopaholic level, but it was so interesting to see how I would turn to unnecessary shopping as a mild form of therapy when I was stressed out or in a bad mood. I would justify these buys by telling myself I needed it for a particular purpose or a discounted price made it worth it. I am never the kind of person who would spend over $100 on anything on a whim, but I would write off multiple small items that added up in the long run. Plus with decor items, I felt like I was making an investment into curating a home that a shelter mag editor should have.

Ultimately, I'm happy that I achieved my goal and didn't end up buying anything for an entire month (apart from toilet paper for the apartment because that is just a basic necessity). I think it helped me value the space I have already created for myself and taught me that shopping isn't the best form of self care. While I will allow myself to grab a new piece from time to time, I will now really consider whether something is a necessity in my life or just a cheap thrill.