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The One Scary Design Move You'll Never Regret

Yo. Lo. Hang a chandelier in your kitchen and it'll make you happy every day.

Kitchens are most often hyper-sensible spaces, whether you use yours to craft a Thanksgiving-worthy feast or heat up last night's Seamless. They are the workhorse, the safe zone, the LBD of living spaces—so can you blame a girl for occasionally wanting to stick a diamond brooch on 'em? Think of it like this: your countertops need to be durable, your appliances reliable, and your storage ample, but your lighting...well it just needs to provide good usable light. And funnily enough a pair of boring pendants does the job just as well as that crystal-dripping beauty you've been pining for since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of Pinterest). So in this one instance, we vote YOLO over FOMO. Take the gorgeous examples we scouted on the boards of some believers as evidence, and get ready to play your decorating wild card.

Mini Mix 

A whitewashed cottage-style kitchen gets a hit of black magic from a small silver chandelier with room-making dark shades. 

Atomically Correct

A sputnik-inspired gold starburst fixture lends a dazzling Midcentury accent to a pale, shiplap-lined space with a mix of countrified and industrial pieces.

Brutal in Brass

A shape that lands somewhere between space age and Soviet is one-of-a-kind against trendy square tile and brasserie-worthy seating and art. 

Made in the Shade

A traditional chandelier like this shade-topped style gives an easily cold space a sense of library-like warmth. Rich, dark cabinetry and rough wood furnishings are the perfect compliment.

Petite Versailles

For the classically girly iteration, go for a gilded finish, plenty of drop crystals and an unexpectedly intimate scale. 

Opposites Attract

A dreamily minimal, Euro-style island is especially conducive to this unabashedly glam accent. 

Ball Out

When every other surface is minimal—and most especially when they're gleaming stainless steal—a scene-stealing fixture makes a functional space into an absolute showpiece.