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Yea or Nay: Art on the Floor

Art on the Floor | Lonny.com
(Photos © Patrick Cline / Lonny)
We've encouraged you to put art in the bathroom, and/or nail it to the exterior of your bookshelf. We can't even begin to count the number of times we've preached gallery walls; we've even suggested going frameless by taping prints to your walls. Now, we have a new soapbox: not hanging art at all. Yes, we want you to ditch the hammer, nails, and level and leave those frames on the floor. For the art hanging commitment-phobe, this is ideal—for the everything-has-its-place decorator, this will be a challenge.

(Photos © Patrick Cline / Lonny)
A casually leaning print against a mirror or behind a small side table looks cool, like an avid collector who's constantly rearranging his collection. Start off small with just one or two small frames in a bare corner or windowsill to see if this way of display works for you.
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