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Yea or Nay: Mounting a Flat-Screen TV

On the wall or behind doors—you decide.

Yea or Nay: Mounting a Flat-Screen TV
Photo © Aubrie Pick/Lonny   

Ask any interior designer what their least favorite design element in a living room is and they'll emphatically tell you: the television. The prevailing wisdom is that the bro-y boxes, unlike children, should be heard and not seen. But as an avid TV watcher, I couldn't agree less.

When I revamped my apartment last year, my husband and I opted for a Sanus wall mount, which maximized space in our small sitting area and now makes it easier for us to spend time where it really matters: glued to the tube for weekly installments of Game of Thrones. Sure, I could find a million ways on Pinterest to hide it—behind converted barn doors on a slider, inside a rejiggered cabinet—but you know what they say about less being more; plus, practicality reigns in my household, and opening and closing is not something I want to add to my viewing checklist. There are no limits to my laziness.

If the minimalist look isn't for you, consider the alternatives. You could surround the screen with art and vignettes, install it within an ornate frame, or place it in front of dark-painted walls or wallpaper to camouflage it. But no matter what you do, the question remains: is wall-mounting the way to go?

Yea or Nay: Mounting a Flat-Screen TV
Photo © Ryann Ford/Lonny