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The Natural Choice: Fruit and Florals

The Natural Choice: Fruit and FloralsCoral von Zumwalt/ Lonny
As a stylist, you tend to use everything at your disposal to get the shot. Come summertime, easy-to-come-by tabletop props blissfully transition from branches and pine to berries and citrus. That means: if a bowl feels barren, raid the kitchen for fresh peaches. A hurricane looking lackluster? Throw in a bright grouping of clementines from the pantry. 

The Natural Choice: Fruit and FloralsBall & Albanese / Lonny
Whatever the fruitful addition to your tablescape, flowers will no doubt complement them perfectly. Pair your pears with bushy hydangea, as Kieran DiTullio did in her Upstate home, or serve up your lemons in sterling alongside voluminous mums à la Jacqui Getty.

The Natural Choice: Fruit and FloralsBetsi Ewing / Lonny
Best yet, do as floral designer Brittany Asch does, and add fruit right into your floral arrangement. The red ranunculus that tops a farmhouse table benefits from the subtle addition of ripe strawberries, tucked into the display on subtle wooden spears. The added benefit of melding your fruits and florals? Surprise snack time.
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