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Before & After: The Closet Makeover

Who knew a relatively quick and affordable design fix could be so transformative?

Before: A random closet with erratic storage.
Before: A random closet with erratic storage.

For anyone who’s ever lived with sub-standard storage at home, the idea of a closet makeover is particularly enticing. Such was the case for Ramshackle Glam’s Jordan Reid, who leapt at the chance to start afresh in her new Northern California home.

“For the first time ever, each member of our family actually has our very own closet,” Reid explains. “But when we moved in, we discovered that the closets were so poorly designed that they held only a fraction of what we needed them to hold. My goal was to find a way to use every inch of our available closet space…and hopefully get rid of the ancient dresser that I’ve now trucked across the country three separate times (and which is definitely worse for the wear).” That’s where Thumbtack, the online marketplace for service professionals, came into the picture.


“What was interesting about this selection process was it enabled me to really use Thumbtack’s Q&A feature. I searched for ‘Carpenters,’ which is a pretty general category, but was able to use the Q&A form to specify that what I was looking for was someone with experience in closet construction, and only pros with that kind of experience sent over quotes—which were extremely accurate because they knew exactly what I was looking for. The team I hired came to our initial meeting with diagrams and detailed notes, and we were able to work together to come up with the perfect storage space and keep the project within my budget.”

The finished product: a well-organized closet to envy.
The finished product: a well-organized closet to envy.


“The first step was diagramming out exactly how the closets would look on paper, and then making adjustments based on factors as specific as how tall my boots are, on average, and how wide a shelf needs to be to hold, say, three pairs of my shoes. And then we put in extras—little hooks to hang my scarves and jewelry, shelf dividers so I could stack my sweaters, and even an area designated specifically for hats (because I have a lot of them). I mean, it’s your closet—why not make it as personalized as you want it to be?

 Because closets aren’t exactly showpieces, I decided to save money by choosing less pricey materials for the actual shelving, and went with faux wood rather than hardwood. The pros built the shelving in my driveway and then installed and painted it all in one day.”


“What was surprising about this was that I didn’t do anything huge—it’s not like the closets are now walk-ins with mirrors and chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling Louboutin displays. All I did was add a few strategically placed rods and shelves to my dinky little closets…and all of a sudden they hold everything we own, including the stuff we previously had to relegate to clunky, mismatched dressers. For the first time in my life, I can look in my closet and see what I own, which means I’m getting way more wear out of everything in my wardrobe. I can’t believe what a massive difference such a relatively small change made. It seriously feels like magic.”