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3 Ways to Bring Home The Look of Your Favorite Store

As an editor for a shelter magazine, I can't help but think about design a lot—maybe even a little bit obsessively. It comes with the territory, right? But sometimes virtually flipping through back issues of Lonny and binging on Pinterest isn't enough, and when that happens I shop—well, I browse with intent. Thank goodness then NYC is saturated with incredible design boutiques and home shops, many of which I constantly return to for a tactile design fix. One of my absolute favorites is Steven Alan Home, in Tribeca. I popped in the other week to take a peek at some of their ceramics and was totally inspired by the way the store had changed since my last visit.

Steven Alan Home | Lonny.com
Above, the store as it was last week, totally fall-appropriate; below, a shot of the interior from last spring. As you can see, the front of the shop is set up as if it were a functioning living room, albeit a functioning living room in a pretty much flawless, cozy-chic Brooklyn brownstone. While I wanted to walk away with the entire set up, I left with just three simple tips for stealing the look of a favorite store (for future reference, you know?)

Steven Alan Home | Lonny.com
(Photos © Sean Santiago)
1) Switch out your textiles. Throw pillows are such an easy way to do this and incorporate pops of your favorite color or pattern—and pay attention to the fabric! Here, they've traded in printed linen for striped wool.
2) While it may not be feasible to swap out your sofa in between seasons, as they've done here, try moving larger pieces of furniture around into different arrangements to bring new energy into your space.
3) Use plants and flowers wisely; they're such an easy way to bring a new look and "vibe" to your space. Start a collection of vases and planters that are special to you and rotate through them over the course of the year.
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