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Paint It Black: Dark Walls Are a Yea...or a Nay?

(Source: Lonny)
In the past, whenever I dreamed about owning a home it was always a white-hued haven awash in plenty of light with very few bursts of color. Now, perhaps it's the realization that summer is drawing to a close and fall is just around the corner, but my preferred palette is quickly shifting to the dark side. Whatever the reason, these rooms have me reconsidering my future home in all sorts of vampy shades.

There's definitely more to consider when choosing moodier colors, especially if you crave sunlight like I do. But no one can argue with the visual appeal of these warm blue-gray walls—or how cheery this desk area remains despite their dark hue.

(Source: Lonny)I love the high drama of this bathroom. It seems counterintuitive, but the deep black actually makes the space appear larger.

(Source: Lonny) What do you think? If you're considering painting your own home a darker shade, y
ou'll find plenty of tips in our guide on how to decorate with dark walls
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