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How To Choose Fine Art Photography For Your Home

(All photos courtesy of Simon Davidson)
One of the biggest questions we get from readers is also the one that's hardest to answer: how do I choose artwork for my home. Art is so personal—we couldn't possibly provide a cut-and-dry response for everyone. So we tapped Lonny Photo Editor Genevieve Garruppo to give us some insight into what catches her eye in a photographer's work. After all, she's responsible for assigning a shooter whose style will impart the right look to a story in the magazine, which—if you think about it—is the same kind of creative energy that goes into decorating a house. Here's what inspired her in the work of New Zealand photographer Simon Davidson.

"When I was growing up, my dad was big into cars. On my 21st birthday, he asked me what I wanted. My response: 'To attend a NASCAR race with you in Daytona.' So he saved some money and called our Uncle Dookie, who lived in a retirement community right outside of Daytona, Florida. We stayed down there with him for what became one of the best and most memorable weekends of my life. Since then, I've been infatuated with cars." 

"I was introduced to Simon's work by a friend who also has a need for speed. After emailing Simon to inquire about a print, we went on to converse about car culture, his time spent at Bonneville Salt Flat in Utah, and his overall experiences shooting cars and bikes. It's a loud and colorful world, and he was overcome by the warm company he was in at every event he's attended."

"Yet Simon's work has a calmness that isn't often associated with cars. His colors are serene, and he treats his images as if he were Ansel Adams in the middle of Yosemite. Every shot appears to be carefully planned, but it's clear that he's surrounded by chaos. Even though he has captured extreme behavior and people breaking land speed records, he has documented it all in a beautiful, painterly way."

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