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A Nursery Redesign By AphroChic

(All photos courtesy of Leon Shipp Belt)
Here at Lonny, we love a baby room that little ones can grow into. So when we saw this nursery in Washington, D.C., we were enamored of its kid-friendly yet sophisticated design. What else would we expect from the collaboration between a stylist and visual merchandiser and a textiles-and-interiors maven?

"We're a designer family, so when Angela asked me to help with the nursery, I was so happy to help bring her vision to life," says Jeanine Hays, founder of AphroChic. Adds her sister Angela Belt, who was eight months pregnant with her daughter, Brooklyn, at the time of the makeover: "I've always enjoyed working on projects geared towards kids. It's the one area of design where you can be completely creative and playful; nothing is too serious in the room."

So the duo set about designing a nursery that was fit for a little girl but still very chic. Angela created a mood board and a floor plan and sourced items from Etsy and retailers like the Land of Nod and Room & Board. Jeanine took over stenciling the walls (with zero-VOC paint, of course) and helped move in all of the furniture. 

The results are truly inspiring. "As always, I love getting to work on something so personal and special with my sister," says Angela. "My daughter is the first baby in our family, so it was a lot of firsts for both of us." And what does little Brooklyn—now almost one year old—think? "She loves the pattern!" says Jeanine. "She touches the design on the walls quite often."

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