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Yea or Nay: Vanity Tables

vanities tktk(All photos © Patrick Cline/Lonny)Question for you guys: what are your thoughts on vanity tables? Do you have one, pine for one, denounce the vanity table's very existence? Personally, I think there's something romantic about the idea of sitting in a designated space each morning to primp and prep for the day ahead, maybe because I've always seen glamorous Hollywood stars in black-and-white movies do just that. (Or, more recently, the aristocratic heroines of Downton Abbey.) 

Non-vain vanities

I recently opted for a roomy dressing table over a more storage-friendly piece of furniture and have yet to regret the decision. Gone are the days of standing in front of the bathroom mirror, rummaging through a makeup bag while carefully balancing a curling iron among can't-live-without products scattered around a small pedestal sink. Today's vanity styles are quite humble in comparison with their gilded relatives of the past, and there seems to be a pretty simple formula when it comes to the vanity-free vanity. Upholstered seating, a small table with a single drawer, good lighting, and small dishes and trays to house baubles and perfumes. I say it's a foolproof way to bring a little romance to a sometimes unglamorous daily routine. What say you?

Non-vain vanities
(Photos © Lonny)   
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