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A Terrarium Kit To Get Us Through The Fall

(Photos courtesy of Garden/Heidi Geldhauser)
I was surprised to hear an all-too-familiar sound on my walk to work this morning: the crunching of leaves beneath my feet. I personally love this—it's an indication of the brisk days and even cooler nights of my favorite season—but for many, the arrival of autumn, especially those crispy leaves underfoot, signals something else entirely: the death of greenery.

Enter Matthew Klyn, owner of the Atlanta-based landscape design firm and retail store, Garden. His new line of terrarium kits come with a recycled-glass vessel, an assortment of soil, moss, gravel, and stones, and—thankfully—care instructions.

(Photos courtesy of Garden/Heidi Geldhauser)
Once you've chosen a terrarium, you can pair it with some of the brand's plant kits, which let you add mini orchids, tillandsia, and succulents into the mix. Here's to greenery all year long!
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