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How to Fake a Wood Wall with NLXL Wallpapers

(Source: Lonny)Anyone who's ever opened a shelter magazine knows of white's power to transform, to make a space appear bigger and brighter and cleaner. But wooden walls can be just as effective as white ones. Don't believe me? Just look at these gorgeous wood-walled rooms from past issues of Lonny. Above is a sitting room at Austria's Jagdgut Wachtelhof resort; below is the living room in Ben Watts's Montauk home.

(Source: Lonny)I've lived in white-walled apartments for most of my life and now I'm ready for a new direction—the natural direction. But it's not like I can rewall my current apartment, so I'm opting for this faux-wood wallpaper from the Netherlands-based company NLXL. Genius!

(Photo courtesy of NLXL)
Does anyone have faux-something walls they'd love to share? Tweet us a pic @Lonnymag.
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