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Getting Personal with Jewelry Designer Pamela Love

Pamela Love | Lonny.com(Ph. © Genevieve Garruppo / Lonny)
"I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to my inspiration. I love the occult and magic—that’s prevalent in my work and in what I collect. When I was younger I used to read tarot cards; I went to camp every summer and all the girls would come to my bunk to have their cards read. I also draw a lot of inspiration from ancient Egypt. As a jewelry designer, how can you not? The Egyptians were very ahead of the game, jewelry-wise."

Pamela Love | Lonny.com
(Ph. © Genevieve Garruppo / Lonny)
"[The ball and claw] is actually a leg for a little table, but I like to display it sitting on my desk. The terra-cotta hand is an incense burner, and the clay skull is from Mexico. Turquoise is a good-luck charm to me. I'm also obsessed with arrows. I scour eBay or find them when traveling; I'm always looking for arrows.” —Jewelry designer Pamela Love in her design studio in Manhattan’s Garment District

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