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Understated Guest Bedroom Design

Ode to the (Simple) Guest Room (Photos © Lonny)

It's that bittersweet time of year again. The promise of fall is just around the corner, and soon our summer weekender bags and carry-ons will be emptied out and stowed for good. We hope you've racked up plenty of memories these past few months, whether you've taken on the role of the gracious hostess or the wandering traveler hopping from one cozy guest quarters to the next. No matter your position, we can all agree that a good guest room makes all the difference in a memorable stay.

Ode to the (Simple) Guest Room

Now, we're not particularly talking about grand suites with deep walk-in closets, sweeping terraces, and a master sized bathroom (although we would never turn down such amenities), but rather the less-is-more guest room, boasting crisp neutral linens, plenty of natural light, and little treasures that speak to the homeowners themselves. Take, for instance, David Flint Wood's collection of Brazilian art and Colleen Locke's vintage beds. The guest room may be facing the end of its busiest season, but it won't be too long until they'll be fluffed up and turned down in preparation for the holiday season. Until then, we'll be soaking up these last weeks of summer.

Ode to the (Simple) Guest Room
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