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Lonny's Top Pins of the Week: I've Got the Blues (and Greens)

Lonny's Top Pins of the Week: It's Easy Being GreenThis week's pin popularity comes from the coolest end of the color spectrum. Take a look at three interior designers' clever use of oceanic hues, as chosen by you:
Lonny's Top Pins of the Week
Melissa Culligan's tufted chaise lounge, upholstered in a timeless navy-and-green tartan, anchors an otherwise sandy-colored living room. A leafy tree and petite navy throw pillows opposite the lounge provides visual balance.

Lonny's Top Pins of the Week
Pattern-mixing master Tami Ramsay demonstrates a full wall of dusty teal in the dining room of her Athens, Georgia, bungalow. The color provides a serene backdrop to the rich wood tones of a storage cabinet and traditional dining chairs.

Lonny's Top Pins of the Week
Emily Meyer went for allover turquoise when decorating her son Clement's bedroom. Seafoam-green pillow cases and a vintage kantha quilt pop against the matte finish of shadowy blue-green walls. A world map continues the strict palette further. 

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