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#DIY Budget Gallery Wall

Gallery wall inspiration | Lonny.com
We all have those areas of our homes over which we can't stop fretting, wondering "What if I moved..." or "How about if that just..." all the while clutching our hands together in torment. For me, that area is above my desk—and last weekend, I decided to do something about it.

Inspired by my visit to L.A.'s Actual Size gallery, I created my own "budget gallery wall". In place of the single, large-scale painting I'd placed above my desk, I took an assortment of sentimental printed ephemera—found photographs, fashion advertisements and even entire pages from zines I've collected—and meticulously arranged them. I left the same pinch of space in between each photo/page and imagined I was laying out a fancy magazine, keeping everything in place with my favorite brand of Italian pushpins. It's super simple, but crazy versatile—and polished enough that no one will mistake my bedroom for a dorm.
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