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Decorating with Pastels at Sotheby's Designer Showhouse

Decorating with Pastels at Sotheby's Designer Showhouse | Lonny.com
(Photos © Sotheby's Designer Showhouse)
All it takes to get me—a known winter lover—pining for spring is a couple of sunny days when the temperature hits above 50 degrees. That and this pastel-painted living area at Sotheby's very first Designer Showhouse, which is co-sponsored by Bespoke Global and is running through March 30. The room is just one of six curated spaces on the sixth floor of the auction house's Manhattan headquarters, which incorporate such items from upcoming sales as English furniture, 20th-century design pieces, Impressionist prints, and ceramic and silver objets.

Among the designers who were tapped to convert the rooms are Ryan Korban, who made waves when he designed Alexander Wang's flagship store, and Daun Curry of Modern Declaration, the woman behind this playful, Miami-worthy room. "In the final throws of such a long and brutal winter, I've been yearning for some spring colors," says Curry. "I always like to use innovative materials and infuse a bit of glamour into my spaces, so I had an artist cover the walls with four pounds of commercial-grade eyeshadow." 

Decorating with Pastels at Sotheby's Designer Showhouse | Lonny.com
Not only does it create a subtle sparkle on the walls, but it also picks up on the green and pink hues of the Cassigneul painting Curry chose for the space. The other auction piece she included: a Vladimir Kagan sofa. "It has a serpentine and organic shape that keeps the room open and allows for fluidity in all directions, setting the stage for the perfect space to relax in as well as entertain family and friends." We couldn't agree more.
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