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An Easy Bathroom Upgrade That Will Change Your Life

It's amazing how one small change can alter your outlook on any given day: cutting out that extra cup of coffee, taking a different route to work, opening a book instead of turning on the television one evening a week. My "a-ha!" moment came when I saw this picture.

Bathroom inspiration | Lonny.com
(Ph. © Patrick Cline/Lonny)
It's subtle for sure, so look closely. The thing that made me rethink my morning routine is a slender chrome towel rack right next to the sink! My current bathroom arrangement finds the towel rack located above the toilet, directly across from the sink. Argh. Now, instead of padding across the bathroom, dripping all over the floor, I can dry my hands and face all in one place.

Bathroom inspiration | Lonny.com(Ph. © Patrick Cline/Lonny)
It's genius! I think I'll go for this hexagonal towel ring from Urban Outfitters, as seen in our September issue.

(Photo courtesy Urban Outfitters)
What small change in your home makes your life a little easier?
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