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How to Throw a Festive Fête In Tight Quarters

Implausible as it may be, lavish entertaining doesn't necessarily require a roomy interior. To prove it, we tapped designer Eddie Ross to show us how to put together a fun, festive party in an apartment-size space. And while his aesthetic was specific to a rocking New Year's Eve, his tips translate to just about any gathering under the sun. Here's what he had to say—plus a few suggestions of our own. See the full story in our December 2012 issue!

1. Start with an easily collapsible table. Whether you choose a piece that folds down into a petite console when not in use or one that starts out small but extends with an additional wooden panel, you'll have endless options for the various dinner parties in your life.

2. Purchase attractive folding chairs (like these bamboo examples) that can be stowed away under your bed when you're not using them. You'll never regret having the extra seating when unexpected company arrives, and under the bed is a perfect place to keep them without taking up useful space elsewhere.

3. Direct the flow of the party by setting up a fully stocked bar area in a back corner, which encourages guests to utilize all of the available space and prevents them from blocking traffic at the front of a room.

4. Place clusters of clean glasses throughout the room—or in one central, easy-to-reach location—to limit party-halting trips through the crowd to the kitchen and allow the hostess to enjoy herself, too.

(Photos Patrick Cline/Lonny)
5. Make sure your decor pulls double duty. Cute bowls filled with candies and chocolates scattered at intervals on the table not only look interesting but satisfy a sweet tooth between dinner and dessert!
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