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Data Shows Millennials Are Not Yet Over This One Trend

We're not surprised.

Data Shows Millennials Are Not Yet Over This One Trend
Photographed by Jessie Webster.

Are you a millennial that loves mid-century furniture? Well, according to Modsy, you're not alone. The interior design startup analyzed results based on its Style Quiz user data, and found out that each generation leans towards a few specific — and surprising — styles. 

"Millennials are obsessed with mid-century modern; 10 years after the start of Mad Men, their grandparents' mid-century style is still going strong," says Alessandra Wood, Design History PhD and director of style at Modsy. "However millennials have put their own spin on the style, mixing it with minimalist forms, eclectic pairings, or industrial overtones."

"Preferences towards midcentury modern might also come from where this generation lives," she continues. "Younger generations living in cities are likely living in smaller apartments and condos, so a minimalist aesthetic is more appropriate — perhaps even necessary! — for the size of their spaces."

Data Shows Millennials Are Not Yet Over This One Trend

While millennials often fall within what Modsy calls a "Mod Visionary" aesthetic, baby boomers, aka those born between 1946 and 1964, lean more traditional. "Older generations are more likely to live in the suburbs in larger homes. Stylistically these houses have a more traditional feel and much more space, creating a perfect backdrop for classic pieces of furniture," says Wood.

The baby boomers most common style personality is "Refined Rustic." Wood explains the look "blends classic forms with a more informal rustic style - suggesting that these generations are looking for a comfortable feel to their homes."

Data Shows Millennials Are Not Yet Over This One Trend
Photographed by Molly Culver.

Wondering about the upcoming Gen Z? While their number one result is also Mod Visionary, their second is "Elegant Connoisseur," which Alessandra defines as "someone who loves vintage and loves a pop of glam. Their space is completely polished and perfectly considered with a tendency toward the unexpected. You'll see a mix of classic antiques like a French barrel chair with modern icons such as a Barcelona chair." In other words, a more eclectic-glam look Gen Z icon Kylie Jenner might be into.

One surprising result? Gen Z also loves rustic! "Overstuffed furniture, layered textures, and vintage collections might read as slightly formal, but Gen Z exhibits them to show where the dweller has been and what they love," says Wood. Could we be seeing a resurgence of mason jars in a few years?