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In Defense Of Year Round Succulents

Cacti all day.

In Defense Of Year Round Succulents
Photographed by Maria Del Rio.

I've killed a plant before. Almost two, in fact. The first one didn't appreciate my holiday vacation as much as I did and turned into a sad brown slump by the new year. The next one I watered too much out of fear of the previous experience. It began popping up weird mushrooms that freaked me out so much that I put on oven mitts to pluck them out. But you know what kind of plant has never failed me? Succulents, of course!

I have been around succulents my whole life. Growing up in Southern California, they were literally everywhere. Especially once the drought really started to set in, it was hard to find any landscaping arrangement without an agave plant or two. My family was not huge into houseplants, so I usually only interacted with the outdoor set. Yet once I got my first apartment, they were my new best friends. I even have an entire hallway in my home dedicated to cacti.

In Defense Of Year Round Succulents
Photographed by Anna Powell Teeter.

A little green is always appreciated. Not only does it give your space more life (literally), but it improves your air quality and makes it feel like a home. However if you're always busy working, socializing, or just vegging out once you get back at the end of the day, plant care might not be the first thing on your mind.

Succulents are like that really good friend that you might not talk with every single day, but when you see them, it's like you last chatted an hour ago. They will forgive you if you don't give them that much attention and always stay strong. Sure, a few may be a bit prickly, but they will totally look cheery with an ornament hanging on them come Christmastime. In short, I think we should all have a succulent in our home, no matter the season.