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A DIY Acrylic-and-Brass Curtain Rod

A DIY Acrylic-and-Brass Curtain Rod | Lonny.com
(Ph. © Virginia Mae Rollison)
When you're a designer, you get used to putting your stamp on just about everything you place in your home. So when the Brooklyn-based furniture maker Katy Skelton, the subject of our latest home tour, couldn't find an acrylic drapery rod that she preferred, she decided to go the DIY route. "We have a lot of windows in our apartment, and I wanted some visually light curtain rods," she says. "But acrylic rods can be so hard to find and very expensive, and I wanted brass hardware, which is also pretty expensive." Thankfully, this super-easy DIY project won't cost you a fortune.

-- custom-cut acrylic rod (Note: If you're in New York City, E-street Plastics will custom-cut the rod for you to your specified length.)
-- drapery brackets
-- screws
-- metallic spray paint

A DIY Acrylic-and-Brass Curtain Rod | Lonny.com
(Ph. © Katy Skelton)
1. Measure your window, and add 12” to 18” to allow for the rod to overhang a few inches on each side.

2. Order your custom acrylic rod.

3. Spray paint your hardware. PRO TIP: Make sure you paint the heads of your screws. To get them to stand up while you paint them, simply stick them into a cardboard box or in the bottom of an aluminum can.

4. Once your acrylic rod arrives, install it using your new brass hardware. Don’t forget to use wall anchors to ensure your rod won't come crashing down in the middle of the night.
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