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DIY A Glam Twist on Easter Eggs

Style Me Pretty Living founder Abby Larson's got an idea that won't leave your fingertips ombre purple.

DIY A Glam Twist on Easter Eggs

Staring at gorgeous, DIY-laden weddings all day can put a lot of farfetched crafting ideas into your head. But give a few handcrafted flower garlands a go and you (okay, we) are more than likely sorely discouraged. That's where Abby Larson steps in. As founder and editor of wedding blog Style Me Pretty, and it's home offshoot SMP Living, she's an arbiter of gorgeous entertaining, and a realist when it comes to doing it yourself.

For Easter, she's sharing a very chic, alt egg tutorial that's 100% food coloring free. This one's "for all those parents out there looking for the easiest, no mess project on the face of the earth that still earns you crafting brownie points with the kiddos," says Larson. (We think  it's a totally acceptable grown-ups-only activity, too.) All you need to know? "Hard Boiled Eggs + Washi Tape = Easter Easiness.” Get the step by step below.

Glitter Masking Tape (Available at Michaels)
Brown eggs
Exacto knife

DIY A Glam Twist on Easter Eggs


Step 1: Hard boil or blow out your eggs.

Step 2: Use a pencil to draw backwards letters on the backside of the tape (the peel-away part). You can trace stencils or fonts printed from your computer, or you can freehand the letters. You can also cut out simple shapes, like triangles, to create patterns on your eggs.

Step 3: Use the Exacto knife to cut out each letter and press firmly onto the egg. Voila!