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Instant Upgrade: Washi Tape-Embellished Stairs

Trust us when we say this is the easiest DIY project ever.

It's easy to watch where you're going when you've got something beautiful to read along the way—quite literally. This creative staircase, which comes to us from the stylists at the Land of Nod, takes one lovely sentiment by the poet E. E. Cummings and magnifies it with the help of some colorful Washi tape. See the instructions below and try the idea with your favorite song, a passage from a beloved book, or a few lines from an often-read poem. Whether it appears on the way to a kid's bedroom or your own, the design is the perfect way to say exactly what you're thinking.

DIY Washi Tape Stairs

To get the look:
Use the Washi tape to write out inspiring words from your favorite book, poem, or even a song. Match the number of stairs to the length of your quote; there should be at least one word per step.

Use a ruler to lightly draw a line in pencil where you want the baseline for your text to be; do the same to settle on a general height for your tallest letter.

Start at the bottom step and work your way up.