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How to Make a Newspaper Christmas Tree

Who says a Christmas tree needs to be green? This super-easy DIY holiday idea comes from Hiho Batik, who made this fun paper tree for their Brooklyn store window. Try it in a kids room to add a colorful note to your home's festivities—it can actually stay up well into the new year!

(Photo courtesy of Hiho Batik)
What you'll need:
- chicken wire
- newspaper
- food coloring
- a spray bottle
- spray adhesive
- glitter

How to make it:
1. Create a cone using the chicken wire. This will be the base of the tree, so make it as big or little as you wish.
2. Make loose cones and gathers with the newspaper and stuff the sheets into the chicken wire's holes until a tree shape is formed and filled out to your liking.
3. Mix food coloring in a spray bottle and mist the newspaper with the dye (you may want to do this step outside). Don't be afraid to get creative with your color choices.
4. After the newspaper dries, mist the tree with spray adhesive and sprinkle it with glitter.

(Photo courtesy of Hiho Batik)
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