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VIDEO: DIY Terrarium Magnets You Can Make in a Few Minutes

The crafty pros at Darby Smart let us in on a cute project any air plant lover can swing.

VIDEO: DIY Terrarium Magnets You Can Make in a Few Minutes

Even the most serious of serial plant killers can care for an air plant. And even those suffering from glue gun-based anxiety can handle a pair of craft scissors. Basically, you have no excuse not to tackle this adorable DIY project, and end up with a sweet piece you'll want to stick on the fridge. Scroll down to find materials, step-by-step instructions, and the true meaning of #nailedit.

What You'll Need

(all supplies available at DarbySmart.com)

White Gravel (6oz)
Wood Chips
Preserved Green Reindeer Moss
Air Plants
Magnetic Metal Tin (No Lid)
E6000 Glue
Plastic Film


1. Trace and Cut. Place the top side of your lid on your plastic film for tracing. Next, trace the outer rim of the lid. By tracing the outer rim (and not the inside) of your lid, you're making sure that your circle will fit snuggly inside the lid when you're done. Cut out your circle, then repeat for each lid.

2. Fit and Glue. With your circle cut out, test its size by inserting it into the inside of the lid. If it's too large, trim a little off of the edges and fit again until you have just the right size. Cut your plastic circle in half to create a little peek-a-boo window for your terrarium. This will hold the ingredients in, while allowing your plants to breathe. Apply a thin bead of glue around the edge of your plastic where it will sit in the lid. Then fit your plastic back inside the lid and set aside for about 15 minutes to dry.

3. Cultivate. Add your elements to your tin and style it up! Place your lid back onto your tin and turn it until it locks into place. Tilt your assembled terrarium upright and carefully touch up anything that's out of place. Now just attach to any magnetic surface and you have your very own, mini garden still life

4. Air Plant Care. Place in light but not direct sunlight. To water your air plants, remove from container and spritz or soak with water for no more than 10 minutes every 2-3 days. No need to water your moss as it's preserved and will last for years. Water your air plant more often in a hot, dry environment. Be sure to lay plants out to dry, giving them enough air and light to dry, but no longer than 4 hours after watering. It’s important to keep your terrarium water-free, so make sure your air plant is nice and dry before placing it back into container.

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