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D.I.Y. Spice Jar Organization

This year, get organized in the kitchen with this easy life hack.

D.I.Y. Spice Jar Organization
All photos by Steph Hung/Lonny

Lonny contributing editor Steph Hung always takes a chic approach to practical D.I.Y. crafts (read: copper towel rack and wooden door mat). Lucky for us, she's back at it again—this time with a simple project that'll simplify your cluttered cupboards, and will make you feel like a real Martha Stewart in the kitchen.

"With January being the start of a new year, it's time to get organized. I like to start with a small job to get the ball rolling . First up: the spice cupboard. I cringe before even opening the door because I know I'll find a messy pile of cluttered ingredients on the brink of toppling out. I have trouble finding what I need (so I end up re-buying things I already have), the containers are all different sizes, and the openings are often difficult to open in a hurry, or not large enough to fit a measuring spoon. My solution? A system that allows me to see every spice I have on hand, in wide-mouthed containers than are easy to open."

D.I.Y. Spice Jar Organization


Large mason jars for commonly used spices
Small for lesser used spices
Plastic screw lids
Labelmaker (or tape and a marker)

D.I.Y. Spice Jar Organization

Step 1

Pull everything out and group doubles (or triples!) together.

D.I.Y. Spice Jar Organization

step 2 

Decant each spice separately into a jar.

D.I.Y. Spice Jar Organization

Step 3

Label each jar.