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DIY Skin Care Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet

DIY Skin Care Products Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet
(Photos courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet)
Springtime was made for tackling projects of all kinds: do-it-yourself, home improvement, deep-dive cleaning and organizing. Since you've been killing yourself whipping your humble abode into shape over the last few weeks, we here at Lonny thought you might want to invest in some DIY of another sort. So we turned to the wizards at Meow Meow Tweet, a Brooklyn-based apothecary that specializes in small-batch, all-natural skin care products, to design two soothing his-and-hers treatments for tired homeowners (and renters!) looking to indulge in a little me time. Bonus: you probably already have all of the ingredients lying around your kitchen. First up is a very straightforward strawberry-parsley facial mask.

Parsley has astringent properties for people with minor skin blemishes or irritation; strawberries contain a gentle exfoliating acid that helps rid the skin of dead-cell buildup. Combined, they create  a light mask that's great for people with normal to oily or combination skin.

DIY Skin Care Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet
Strawberry-Parsley Mask
-- 4 small to medium organic or wild strawberries, mashed to a pulp
-- ¼ cup parsley, minced

Combine ingredients in a food processor, or manually mash the strawberries with a fork and mince the parsley with a sharp knife. Apply all over face and gently massage for 1 minute. Relax for an additional 3 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Use this mixture immediately after making, as it does not keep well.

DIY Skin Care Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet
Next up is the brand's herbal toner. The natural astringent properties of fennel, parsley, and mint refresh and impart a sweet scent, while the apple cider vinegar relieves and soothes itchy skin and balances PH levels. Use it as a gentle skin toner, an aftershave, or an after-sun soothing spray.

Herbal Skin Soother and Toner
-- 2 cups distilled water
-- 1 tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar
-- 1 tablespoon fennel seeds
-- ¼ cup (small bunch) flat parsley leaves
-- ¼ cup (small bunch) peppermint leaves

Boil water and pour over fennel, parsley, and mint. Let this mixture steep until water has cooled to room temperature and liquid is a light green color. Strain and combine the tea with apple cider vinegar. Store in a glass bottle and use within 30 days. To use, apply with a cotton pad or spritz onto face and neck.

DIY Skin Care Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet
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