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3 Ways to Brighten Your Outdoor Table with Fabric

The David Stark Design team inspires fresh spring tabletops with a trio of affordable crafts

3 Ways to Brighten Your Table with Fabric
Photographed by Corrie Hogg

Event designer David Stark and his talented creative team are known for bringing some of New York City's most jaw-dropping parties to life. Their most recent events include a star-studded after party at The Plaza hotel to fete SNL's 40th anniversary episode, and a tropical oasis built in the middle of Manhattan for the launch of the Lily Pulitzer x Target collaboration. In signature Stark style every event is punctuated with an eye-catching backdrop or show-stealing centerpiece, such as enormous chair cushion rainbows, or tables glowing with miniature Carnegie Hall luminaries.  

No matter how grand the occasion, the DSD crew is always thinking up new ways to use humble materials like paper and canvas. As a stylist I'm constantly toting around extra fabric yardage from projects past, and was in search of a craft to repurpose my favorite remnants.  I spoke to the designers at DSD to find out how they would reuse spare swatches.  With a bit of paint, Mod Podge, and handkerchief-sized textiles, they transformed three standard decor pieces into a vibrant tablescape that begs for a sunny patio. As if I wasn't already anticipating summer weather, this has me counting down the seconds to my first rooftop cocktail of 2015.

Handmade handkerchiefs by Lisa Corti, available at John Derian
Handmade handkerchiefs by Lisa Corti, available at John Derian

Below, find the DIY breakdown for three festive uses for fabric, including a lantern, vase and serving tray: 

The Lantern

The vase

The tray