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These IKEA Bag DIYs Are Actually So Chic

Is FRAKTA Swedish for fashion?

These IKEA Bag DIYs Are Actually So Chic

You've seen the Balenciaga version, the baseball cap, and the workout. Well now you can learn how to make your own clothing featuring IKEA's iconic FRAKTA tote bag. YouTube DIY experts Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright of The Sorry Girls went to town on a few tote bags to make a bucket hat, duffle bag, a fanny pack, and even dressed up sweat pants repping that classic FRAKTA blue.

We love that the duo, who will have a brand new series called The Drill Down premiering June 20 on Makeful, walk the viewer through the DIY process so we can actually (attempt) to make the pieces ourselves. If you need some more IKEA in your life, watch the video and get crafting.