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Joy Cho's DIY Ombre Fruit Vase

The expert crafter shares a fun decorating project from her newly released book

Joy Cho's DIY Ombre Fruit Vessels
All photos by Casey Brodley

Since 2005 Joy Cho, founder of Oh Joy!, has grown her graphic design studio into a wildly popular blog and several successful product lines. True to her first name, each and every project or design that Cho puts out into the universe is motivated by her mission statement of spreading happiness to others. With her latest release, Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Give and Create Joy (Harper Collins), she continues to do just that. Today, the expert crafter gives us an exclusive peek into her DIY-packed book with a unique idea for your next floral centerpiece. 

Joy Cho's DIY Ombre Fruit Vessels

What You'll Need

-Carving knife
-Paint primer (this might be needed for certain fruits in order for the paint to stick)
-3 spray paint colors (a light, medium, and dark shade of one hue works best)
-Fruit or vegetable with a hard exterior such as cantaloupe, pineapple, or acorn squash
-Floral foam


1. Test the paint by spraying a small area of the fruit with the lightest paint color. If the paint doesn't stick and runs off, wipe the area clean and spray the fruit with a base of paint primer. Allow to dry.

2. Spray paint the entire fruit the lightest color.

3. Spray the bottom half with the middle color, then the bottom third with the darkest color. Let to air dry. 

4. Cut off the top of the fruit and hollow out the middle.

Joy Cho's DIY Ombre Fruit Vessels

5. Cut a floral foam brick to fit inside the hollowed-out fruit.

6. Remove the foam from the fruit and float it in a bowl of water with the holey side down until the foam is completely saturated. Do not force the foam underwater. The foam is ready to use when it floats at water level. Return the foam to your fruit vessel. 

7. Start the arrangement by putting your main focal-point flower in the center. Arrange smaller flowers around the main flower until you’re happy with the result!

Joy Cho's DIY Ombre Fruit Vessels

Reprinted from OH JOY!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy by Joy Cho. Photographs copyright © 2015 by Casey Brodley, courtesy of William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins Publishers.