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Silver-Dipped, Disposable Mint Julep Cups

A one-step Kentucky Derby DIY for the least crafty among us.

Silver-Dipped, Disposable Mint Julep Cups

It's a fact many (myself included) have learned the hard way after a few too many glue-gun burns and denim cutoffs that landed in the garbage: We're not all meant to be crafting wizards. But alas, even the most downtrodden DIYer can handle this simple, affordable entertaining hack. 

I whipped up these silver-dipped plastic cups as a stand in for the classic mint julep vessel for our Lonny Cinco de Derby party. Keeping to the unfussy theme (and in the knowledge of my complete lack of craftiness), I went for something cheap, easy, and essentially goof proof. Here's the two-ingredient, one-step how-to for those of us who have barely mastered the macaroni pencil cup. (See the finished product in action, here.)

-clear plastic party cups
-foam brush
-metallic silver craft paint

To create the impression that the cup was dipped in silver, draw a lopsided ellipse around the outside or your cup about half way up with the tip of your foam brush. Carefully paint in everything below the line. Repeat for two or three coats until there are no transparent patches or streaks, letting the cup dry between coats.