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How To Choose the Best Floral Vessels for Your Wedding

Ginny Branch is an editorial and event stylist with an affection for seeking out beautiful moments and vignettes. Her work balances imperfect pieces with humble materials and natural elements—and sometimes mixes them all together! Look out for her posts all month long on the Lonny blog.

When creating the floral story for your wedding, consider all the details that define the vision: vessels, ribbons, candles, etc. Those small, thoughtful touches will create a lasting impression on your guests and shine afterwards in your photos. Brainstorm your aesthetic by jotting down adjectives you would use to describe you and your fiancé and let the wordplay guide you; then look for containers that echo your style.
(Photo Ali Harper; flowers Amy Osaba; styling Ginny Branch Stelling)
Search online resources like Accent Decor, Campo de Fiori, Terrain, Jayson Home, or West Elm to find vessels en masse if you're looking to create a uniform style. Etsy and Ebay are also helpful if you love the look of vintage, but the thrill of the hunt is lost on you. Consider repurposing old wooden crates or vintage coffee and tea tins, or cluster weathered bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes.
(Photo Rylee Hitcher; flowers Amy Osaba; styling Ginny Branch Stelling)Another beautiful option to explore is the world of American-made pottery. I, personally, am a huge sucker for Frances Palmer and her breathtakingly delicate, handmade vessels. Keith Kreeger is an Austin, TX, potter whose style is both simultaneously clean and organic.

When selecting vessels for your table arrangements, stay true to your personal aesthetic—don't let the glut of inspiration on blogs and Pinterest compromise your taste. If you're a sucker for ever-popular mason jars, find vintage options with unique details that speak to you and buy in a variety of sizes to create interest.

(Photo Ali Harper; flowers Amy Osaba; styling Ginny Branch Stelling) No matter what, you'll never regret investing the time to choose the right vessels and containers for your flowers.

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