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DIY No-Carve Marbleized Pumpkins

A psychedelic, gourd-guts-free Halloween craft for the whole family.


Of course we all love the trappings of fall: apple picking, tights weather, pumpkin spice everything. But if we're being totally honest, I think we can agree that the process of pumpkin carving is actually pretty gross. No matter how we try to romanticize the act, our idea of fun just doesn't vibe with jamming a kitchen knife into a gourd and then scooping out its guts onto newspaper with freezing fingers. So we're smitten with this easy, no-carve marbleized pumpkin project from DIY Mecca, Darby Smart. Any craft that involves pie plates, nail polish, and lacks a goop-scooping step, goes straight to the top of our holiday activity list. 


1 Foam Brush
Nail Polish
Aluminum pie pan
Wood kabob skewer
Paper Maché Craft Pumpkin
Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Paint



1. Drop It. Fill an aluminum pie dish with some warm water and start to add your nail polish a drop at a time. 

2. Swirl it. Next, swirl those colors together. We recommend using a skewer to create a marble-like pattern

3. Dunk It. Carefully dip your pumpkin into the mixture and turn it gradually to coat the outside with polish. Then set the pumpkin aside to dry.

4. Show It Off. Look at those beauties! They look great lining a dining room table or displayed as a group in your entryway.


Project contributed by Laurel of A Bubbly Life on Darby Smart.