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#DIY Glowing Lampshades

Ask any interior design enthusiast and they'll tell you: lighting is one of the most important elements when creating an inviting space. You know by now to nix harsh, overhead fluorescent lights in favor of scattered table and floor lamps. Whatever color lampshade you opt for, it’s what’s on the inside of the shade that counts when going for the ideal glow. The answer to achieving the kind of ambiance that makes you want to curl up and enjoy a good book? Gold.

STEP 1: Search your home for boring lampshades.
STEP 2: Remove shades from lamps.
STEP 3: Paint the inside of the shade an iridescent gold hue, starting with the seams. Be sure to maintain a consistent coat, or else the light will come off blotchy.
STEP 4: Let dry, reattach to lamp, and enjoy your cozy lit space!
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