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A Jewelry Box Inspired by Louis Vuitton

We've got artist Cindy Sherman's recent collab to thank for this easy, ombre project

A Jewelry Box Inspired by Louis Vuitton
Photographed by Genevieve Garruppo

Since I first gushed about artist Cindy Sherman's collaboration with Louis Vuitton back in November, I haven't been able to stop thinking about those stunning travel trunks and their ombre leather upholstery. 

Rather than hold my breath until I can afford such a luxurious travel case, I opted for an affordable D.I.Y.,  translating the gradient color idea to a vanity table organizer. Read on to see how I created this bright storage system for under $35.

A Jewelry Box Inspired by Louis Vuitton


-1 wooden art box by Displays 2 Go

-1 paint color that you want for the top of the box

-1 paint color several shades darker

-paint brush

-painters tape

-a paint palette

-paper towel and newspaper


–Cover your work surface with newspaper. Wipe the wooden box clean with a damp paper towel to remove dust and debri. 

–Pour a few tablespoons of each paint on either side of the paint palette.

–To make the color for the middle drawer, mix about 1 tablespoon of each color together on the palette. Depending on your hue and paint type, you may need to add more of the lighter or darker paint until it looks like a middle tone. 

A Jewelry Box Inspired by Louis Vuitton

–Tape a straight line beneath the top shelf. Make sure it aligns with the outer lip of the drawer, rather than an edge that will only be seen when the drawer is open. Once your tape is on, remove the drawer.

–Continue to tape the straight line around the back and side of the box. Paint the top and sides of the box.

–While you wait for the first stripe to dry, tape the drawer pulls of the top and bottom drawers, and paint each drawer front a different color. If you're adapting these instructions to a different shelf, make sure to note the order of the drawers if they may fit in a specific order and paint the top the same color as the top of your box. Set aside to dry.

A Jewelry Box Inspired by Louis Vuitton


–Remove the painters tape from the box and re-tape for the second stripe. Allow to dry. Repeat once more for the bottom stripe. 

–Once the drawers are dry, remove the painters tape from the pulls. Paint the knob of the top drawer the darkest color, and the bottom pull the lightest color. 

VOILA. You now have a stylish ombre stash for all your odds and ends. Since I've already completely filled mine with jewelry, I'm planning to make two more– one in shades of green for my pencils, pens, and watercolors; and one in yellow for sewing notions. Share photos of your completed projects with us on Instagram at @LonnyMag!

A Jewelry Box Inspired by Louis Vuitton
A Jewelry Box Inspired by Louis Vuitton