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Easy How-To: Framed Burlap Coffee Sacks

Easy How-To: Framed Burlap Coffee Sacks(Photos © Sarah Jean Shelton)I’m a sucker for flea markets, the junkier the better. While I’ve walked away with some pretty incredible, conversation-starting pieces (I’m looking at you, mint-blue typewriter), I’ve also come across some rather random things.  Exhibit A: these burlap coffee sacks, which I bought for just five dollars a pop. I couldn’t resist their rustic texture and bright type, but since I had no idea what to do with them—they’re far too rough for upholstery, too beautiful to cut up—they sat untouched for months. Luckily, inspiration struck in the most obvious of places: the frame aisle of a giant craft store. Cool and authentic, these sacks deserved to be framed and hung as art, so that’s exactly what I did. Here's how.

1. Cut and measure burlap to the frame size of your choice.
2. Iron burlap to ensure a smooth finish for framing.
3. Carefully place fabric into the frame, making sure the text lies as straight as possible.
4. Hang finished frame in growing gallery wall or propped against an oversized windowsill.

Framed coffee sacks | Lonny.com
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