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The Fruity Cocktail You'll Be Drinking All Summer

We found the must-have liqueur your bar cart is missing—and the only one you'll need for a season of alfresco gatherings

The Fruity Cocktail You'll Be Drinking All Summer
Photo © Genevieve Garruppo/Lonny

Wait, have you heard about Solerno? We hadn't either—and we're big happy-hour proponents here at Lonny HQ. But now that it's on our radar we'll be drinking the citrusy liqueur all summer long. (And, we'd venture a guess, you will be, too).

Made with Sicilian blood oranges and Italian lemons—and bottled in an eye-catching ombre vessel that's begging to be displayed on your bar cart—the refreshing drink has a versatile flavor profile that pairs perfectly with heavier bases such as scotch and whiskey (think an Old Fashioned with a twist) and lighter liquors like tequila and vodka. It's also great with sparkling additions, such as champagne and prosecco; simply pour one part Solerno to five parts bubbly, serve an assortment of fruit garnishes (raspberries, orange slices, lime wedges), and sit back while guests create their own cocktails—no bartender necessary. See? Something for everyone. 

But if you really want to wow your friends this season, the only cocktail you need is this instantly uplifting (not to mention endlessly quaffable) strawberry-basil lemonade. Created by Solerno brand ambassador Charlotte Voisey, it's light and sweet and tart—all the best adjectives to describe the perfect summer drink.

Strawberry-Basil Lemonade
Makes 1

- 2 parts Solerno
- 1 part fresh lemon juice
- 1 part fresh orange juice
- ½ part strawberry juice (pass whole strawberries through a juice extractor)
- a handful of fresh basil leaves
- 2 parts water (still or sparkling)

In a pitcher or tall glass filled with ice, combine all ingredients, stir, and serve.