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Thanksgiving S'mores the Whole Family Will Love

(Source: Lonny)
I really, really tried to bring you guys a holiday DIY project. The editors at Lonny can tell you that I've been talking about a mini pumpkin idea for months (I won't say what it is because I'm not giving up hope just yet—there's always next year!), but when I tested it out last night it wouldn't come together. And just when my parents had had enough with my antisocial behavior, I came up with a brilliant idea to tide them over—and hopefully inspire you!

Without further ado, I present pumpkin pie s'mores, a deliciously simple treat that you can dress up as much or as little as you like. Since it was about 11:00 pm on Thanksgiving eve when I changed course and decided to go with it, I chose a very casual version: the classic s'more (graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallow) plus a thin layer of pumpkin pie filling on the inside of each cracker. The secret: instead of microwaving, I roasted the marshmallow using the open flame of one of the burner's on my parents' stove, rotating the puff on a takeout chopstick to ensure even browning.

(Source: Lonny)
The beauty of this dessert is that you can go as high or low with the ingredients as you want—gourmet marshmallows, vanilla wafers instead of graham crackers, fancy chocolate, a homemade pumpkin pie filling. I was under strict time constraints, so I went with some leftover filling from a store-bought pie and just discarded the crust. But I'm sure you'll have better options to work with after today. Happy Thanksgiving!
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